CLIENT: Teradata

PROJECT SIZE: 20,000 sf


With offices all around the world, Teradata is a leading tech provider of integrated data storage and analytic data platforms. Their San Diego facility is located in Rancho Bernardo, west of the I-15 corridor. PCA was tasked to complete an entire 1st floor remodel of the existing 5-story building, integrating the company’s technical needs while using modern materials to create a more open office experience. Starting off with extensive 3D modeling and conceptual rendering, PCA worked directly with a team of Teradata’s executives and facility management personnel in order to fine tune the project direction and overall scope. Work included a complete remodel of the main customer lobby, employee / security lobby, multiple conference rooms, and an added employee lounge with food service and coffee bar. By removing many of the hard wall barriers and using transparent materials, PCA was able to open up the floor plan and blend the spaces together – creating a sense of layering between rooms and allowing visual access and day lighting into some of the more interesting spaces without sacrificing security.