CLIENT: Private Residence



PROJECT SIZE: 6,500 sf

This 6,500-sf Tuscan farmhouse with detached garage, separate guest quarters and horse stable was designed around a central open courtyard and is a tribute to the practical massing of Tuscan farmhouses, which adheres to formal axial relationships and the orderly placing of openings. Using traditional materials, the home was built using simple timber and masonry construction techniques along with Roman flat-pan and barrel-tile roofing. While rustic features—wrought iron, natural stone, and heavy wood beams—are details to be savored, the master strokes of this project are in its floor plan and site plan. To maximize square footage inside and make the most of the temperate climate outside, Pacific Cornerstone Architects eliminated indoor corridors—instead incorporating outdoor loggias, courtyards and patios as integral parts of the living space to take in views of the surrounding hills and pastures. The circular configuration of the parcel allowed the home to be oriented for ideal sun exposure, views and privacy.