CLIENT: Erickson+Hall Construction Co.

PROJECT SIZE: 7,600 sf


PCA was solicited to provide design services for a Building Restoration with an eye towards the market place. The project was an 80’s era concrete industrial/R&D building within an area of mixed-use buildings. To drive value, the building was repurposed for tech/flex. A strong entry point was designed into the project and the building exterior was sharpened with an alternate paint scheme, metal accent features, a green-screen wall, and enhanced glazing. The design enclosed an existing open trellis into the building. Adding +/- 450 square feet and providing for a conference room and entry lobby space. LEED inspired hvac, daylighting, high insulation values, and building reuse were employed to bring value-add to the project. A new roof mounted, solar panel system was installed, which has reduced the energy grid consumption by 85%. 

An entry lobby and conference space was added by PCA within an existing open trellis. Adding to the usable square footage of the building and providing a strong sense of entry and tenant signage opportunity. 3-d modeling of the design concepts were utilized to communicate the intent with all team members. These 3-d “sketches” became the basis of approval and were often referred to during construction.